In the Face of Cyber Attacks, Financial Institutions Can’t Ignore Risk Management/Business Continuity

A vital component of our nation’s critical infrastructure is the financial services sector, and risk management professionals in this industry understand the importance of protecting an organization against weather disasters and cyberattacks. In the case of cybersecurity, recent disasters like the Equifax data breach serve as a dour reminder that it’s not enough to just […]

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What a CrossFit Athlete and Business Resiliency Have in Common

My friend Mark owns Crossfit Undaunted  in Augusta, Maine  and is one of the most physically fit individuals that I have ever known.  He is constantly adapting his workout regimen to achieve maximum results and his philosophy and that of CrossFit in general have a number of  similarities to a mature business resiliency plan – both […]

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Top Five Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement for Preparedness Planning

Writing an emergency, continuity or mitigation plan is no easy task. And, it certainly doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It is a lengthy and complicated process—one that oftentimes involves a lot of different people or organizations, aka stakeholders. These stakeholders may be internal, to include executive management, department heads, or other key personnel. Or, they […]

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