Miss Nancy’s Rules

Mentors may come and go in your life, but we always remember the first and most influential mentor we had.  I am no exception – my first mentor and surrogate mom while a student at the University of Maine was none other than Miss Nancy of Romper Room fame.  Of course, by the time I got to know Nancy Dysart, she was the Director of Alumni Relations for the University of Maine in Orono and adviser to the Student Alumni Association.   The Romper, Bomper. Stomper, Boo  phase of her life had occurred 20 years previously. But for those of us of  certain age and from Maine Romper Room was a staple of local television and served as baby-sitter for our parents in the early days of television.  

I got to know  Nancy Dysart, when I as a Freshman at the University of Maine, through my involvement with the Student Alumni Association as both a volunteer and later leader of the student run club and of course through my involvement with the Alumni Association as the University of Maine Mascot – Bananas the Bear.   It goes without saying that Nancy had a knack of helping those students most in need of guidance and support and how to motivate them.   Nancy taught me the 10 most valuable life and business lessons that are the foundation for the success I have achieved in life and in business.  In future posts I will delve into each of these in more detail but below are Nancy’s 10 Rules for Life.

  1. Be Humble – Don’t brag too much.  Be the King Maker and not the King. Some people strive to be the King and that’s OK, but there is generally more satisfaction in helping a person than taking all the glory for yourself.
  2. Be Thankful – Opportunities don’t come your way every day – be thankful for those that do and do waste those opportunities. Thank the person for providing the opportunity or gift.
  3. Be Gracious – Always accept acts of kindness even if you don’t know the purpose for them.  There is always a reason.
  4. Be Truthful and Honest – Integrity will follow you throughout your life and career.
  5. Follow-Through on commitments – If you commit to do something – Do it without complaining. And if something better comes along and you no longer want to do your original commitment.  Too bad – Your word is your bond.
  6. Always introduce your self and introduce those who are with you.  You never want a person to fell left out. Also remember Rule 6A – Repeat a person’s name back to them after meeting them.  It will help you remember their name.
  7. Have a firm handshake (and look the person in the eye – see #8)
  8. Look a person in the eye when speaking to them.  Show them you are paying attention to them.
  9. Admit your mistakes and learn from them.  Don’t ever blame someone else – ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY
  10. Give Back – Volunteer and Help Others.  If nothing else be a mentor.

Thank – You Nancy for being my mentor, my friend and inspiration to all you have come into contact with, through with your rules and quiet words of wisdom.  You had rules before Gibbs did on NCIS.

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